A Brainstorming Session on How eBooks Can Help Your Business, Nonprofit, Education Program and More

As an eBook author who writes for businesses, educators, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other entities, I’ve seen some great ideas put out into the e-world! See, eBooks are a great way to get your message out to a wider audience. With the internet, the world is literally the “limit!” And one way to bridge the gap between your message and your potential client or donor, is with eBooks.

When I’ve shared the value of eBooks, I have often mentioned how great they are as a way to reveal your message in a more interpersonal manner with your audience. What I mean by this is that with eBooks, you can communicate… more ideas, expanding on them… more stories and add more photos than in a standard letter… elaborate on valuable aspects of the program that may not be able to be done in a brochure… and on and on. And, of course, eBooks are very flexible which makes them a great tool for any business or program!

Today, people can read eBooks on a number of devices… even their phones! So what would you want to share with your audience? What wouldn’t you like to share! You have a message, something to teach, something you want people to know. Well, the people are all out there.

Let’s look at a few examples of how some businesses have used eBooks:

Nonprofits have shared their specialties and knowledge with their audience. So many organizations have done such wonderful things for their communities and world! It’s great to hear the success stories and to see that many are continuing forward with their efforts and their focus. There has been some great eBook-type materials put out including how-to guides, educational materials, and so much more.

Entrepreneurs have imparted their business purposes, skills, and passions with potential clients through eBooks. As an entrepreneur, having eBooks help to bring a sense of authority to a small business.

An interesting aspect in having eBooks which a few of my clients have shared, is that there seemed to have been a better rapport with clients who had read their eBooks before working together than those who hadn’t. They shared that the clients mentioned that having read the eBooks, they’d felt that working together could be a good fit and in most cases, it had been! So eBooks help potential clients relate to a business in a way that perhaps few other modalities might.

For entities with political, environmental, and other in-depth messages, eBooks could be a great way to share them. Often, people get pamphlets or letters that are a few pages long and attempt to cram all of the details of the message into those few pages. In an eBook, points can be elaborated on. Stories can be added as examples. Even sections answering common questions can be added.

With eBooks, there is a lot of flexibility in how you deliver your message, scope, and plan. With such a versatile tool in your arsenal, you have a much better chance of expanding the reach of your message to those who may benefit from it and that just might benefit your business as well.

Source by E. J. Frank

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