Ebook Readers – The Top Ten for Travelers

Ebook readers are an exploding market these days, and many people have already jumped on the bandwagon and purchased one to download and read literary favorites new and old. The price tag on many of them, however, means you have to make more than a cursory look before buying. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure you’re getting the reader with the right features and capabilities as well as the best price. While it’s impossible to ever present one specific product as right for everyone, this article strives to present the ten best eBook readers for people on the go.

Travelers have several paramount preferences when it comes to their eBook readers: they want support for the most popular forms of content, the ability to connect, and convenience features. The Kindle DX by Amazon, then, appears to be the best choice, with its support for all sorts of file formats, including eBook formats like PDF and AZW, audio formats like MP3, and document formats from TXT to DOC. It can also connect to the Internet with 3G and supports USB devices as well, while its convenience features include a text-to-speech engine, an auto-rotating display, a dictionary, search functionality, and the ability to take notes.

The Kindle DX’s competition, however, isn’t slacking.

In second place is the Daily Edition PRS-900 by Sony, which measures up favorably against the Kindle in many categories and even exceeds it in screen resolution, battery life, and price.

Third place Nook by Barnes & Noble, too, is no slacker against the competition, with WiFi capabilities and a touch screen making up for its other shortcomings versus its betters.

Rounding out the top ten are a variety of eBook readers from a variety of companies, both well-known and up-and-coming. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that make it right for different people.

Fourth place is the Nook’s scintillating cousin the Nook Color.

Fifth is the Kindle 3G, followed by the Boox-60 by Onyx in sixth.

The Apple iPad 16G in seventh.

The Bebook Neo eReader in eighth, and the Touch Edition PRS-600 by Sony in ninth.

Even number ten, the Pocketbook 301 Plus isn’t the bottom of the barrel–it’s in the top ten after all, where it even beats out the Kindle DX on memory, screen resolution, and battery life.

In the end, for the traveler or for any person, the choice comes down to the individual and what you want out of your eBook reader. No one can tell you what you should buy–only research and careful consideration can. Pikimal can help. It details all the specifications mentioned in this article and allows anyone to express their preferences and priorities to find the product–ebook reader or otherwise–that’s just right for them.

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