Google Ebooks – Will It Affect ClickBank?

Google Ebooks (also known as Google Books or Google Edition) is a newcomer to the eBook distribution marketplace. It’s no surprise really; over $1 billion worth of ebooks was sold in the U.S. alone in 2010 and it is a market that is expected grow at an astounding rate.

The biggest player in the market right now is Amazon. Other eBook resellers are Apple, Barnes & Noble and, of course, ClickBank.

With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and other eBook enabling devices such as the iPad, ebooks will continue to take over the physical book market. They are quick to deliver, cost almost nothing to produce and sell at lower prices.

Speaking with a friend recently, he was surprised that I was making money online selling ebooks. He didn’t think that many people would pay for a pdf document. He came back to me a few days later and explained that he related this conversation to his wife and she mentioned that she has just bought an eBook that same day:)

Google Books will allow you to read your eBook within any web browser. This is very convenient, unlike the restrictions imposed by Amazon. Ebooks purchased via Amazon can only be read on either a Kindle eBook reader, an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Because Google Ebooks is not as restrictive, it will give them a competitive advantage.

Besides selling well-known titles, Google Ebooks will also allow you to publish and sell your own ebooks. The royalty rates are quite high, with authors expecting to get around 70% of the profits.

Public domain material will also be accessible via Google Ebooks at no charge.

Finally, the question remains; will Google Ebooks affect ClickBank?

My opinion; not really.

ClickBank specializes in helping vendors attract affiliates to sell their ebooks for them. Google Ebooks won’t do this.

Also, ClickBank sells a ton of non-ebook products like software, video, audio, services and memberships. There’s no other marketplace that offers the services that ClickBank currently does.

Source by John Lagoudakis

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