How to Turn a 99 Cent eBook Into a $100K Income (One of the Easiest Ways to Get Rich Online)

Who else would love to build a highly profitable, 6 figure publishing empire online? Think you’ve got to be a world famous author, an online guru or have legions of fans, friends and followers to turn your PASSION into perpetual piles of publishing profits?

If you are anything like most people who feel a particular sense of PASSION or purpose about a given niche, industry or topic, the truth is, the idea of changing the world through your words is one of the most enticing ideas there is. After all, there is no better way to leave an enduring legacy than to influence and the world with your words, and self publishing platforms have made this SUPER easy in 2015.

Of course, if it was THAT easy… everyone would do it, right? No matter what you may read elsewhere, there ARE in fact challenges that every new author will face, and I want to give you a few shortcuts that WILL help you leapfrog the learning curve and high step the obstacles that all WILL face, immediately below.

Core Concept #1: The EASIEST way to build a brand (and business) around a book is to think multiple mediums, and complimentary levels and formats. The first thing you really ought to do BEFORE you even write your first word? Sketch out 3-5 ways that your Amazon eBook can be used to build a 6 figure business, even if it only earns a fraction of that on Amazon itself.

For example? Pricing your eBook at 99 cents, at least for the first month or two of launch, is a great strategy. Why? Because in just about every category under the sun, a 99 cent book will outsell every other price point there is, often by huge multiples.

And your books really ought to be looked at as lead generation tools, especially in the beginning when you have no “name” in your niche.

Then, you take that very same eBook content and scale it UP across multiple mediums.

Record the content and rather than calling it a book, call it a COURSE, price it at 9.99 and upload it to a marketplace like Gumroad.

Add a PDF to the package and sell the whole thing for 14.99

Take that very same content and turn it into a group coaching call, where you charge $29, record it and turn it into a tele seminar.

Ask folks to ask you questions about the eBook, or the additional formats above, and add THAT to a another product, and repeat the process above, now with a second launch.

And finally, turn all of the above into a one on one coaching program, where you can sell your experience, expertise and perceived authority into individualized attention. Personalized coaching remains the very BEST way to make amazing money doing work that you love, while sharing your gifts, and making people “better” in an area that you have genuine skills, and talents to contribute.

All of this can be launched from a single eBook… and you can literally write that book over a long summer weekend to boot!

Source by Alexa Ross

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