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Are you an author, artist, internet marketer or aspiring entrepreneur who would LOVE to build buzz for your brand? Do you have great ideas, but a very small audience of people paying attention? Are you sick and tired of following internet marketing gurus, or trying “gimmicks” that are doomed to disappoint? I want to share with you a very simple, evergreen content marketing strategy that can literally transform your brand, blog, business and bank account… and make it happen in under a week as well.

Curious but not yet convinced? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

A quick case study

In early May, we did a quick case study experiment for an aspiring author who wanted to sell more client consultations, and hoped to use her Amazon books to build “buzz” for her brand, and business. She is a spiritual “teacher” and author in the “psychic” development space. (an area and expertise where I am personally agnostic)

Believe it or not, her first book was selling fairly well, and was making anywhere from 5-10 sales per day at 2.99 per book.

But, her primary goal, which was failing in a big way, was to leverage these books into sales of her “off Amazon” content, like coaching, courses she has created, and so forth.

Her hope was to use her books to drive a constant stream of new traffic to one specific course she had recently created, and was informally promoting in the book covered in the case study.

Here is what we did, and here are the results.

On May 1, she sold 8 books at 2.99. Her profit on these sales, was roughly 16. (70% of each sale)

A few days before the first of May, we started submitting her book to many other publishing platforms, and pricing the book at “0”. (free)

We then notified Amazon that we found her book on other platforms for free, which sets off their “price match guarantee” program.

On the morning of May 2nd, the book was now free on Amazon as well. (which made her VERY nervous… as she was liking that $$15-20 a day income stream for self esteem!)

By the end of the day, her FREE book was downloaded 169 times.

On May 3rd, the book was downloaded 351 times.

In 48 hours, she had gone a high of about 10 books a day, to averaging 250 downloads a day. Her book was now #1 in multiple categories on Amazon as well, in the free section.

Now, she was making no money from these “purchases” as it was a free transaction.

But, we made a few simple modifications to promotional material in the book, adding several big banner ads for promoting another free course she had elsewhere. This generated about 75 clicks to the sign up page for her free course, and generated somewhere around 40 or 50 new students.

Out of those students, just from those 2 days, about 12 have ended up purchasing a premium coaching program she teaches on a video based learning platform.

As I write this, a month later, the book continues to generate anywhere from 50, to 400 downloads a day. It continues to be a major source of free traffic, and it continues to convert strangers into subscribers, and subscribers into sales.

All 100% free. It will work the very SAME for you, no gimmicks, no gadgets, and no goofy gurus required!

Source by Ian Ross Hollander

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