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Ebook Readers – The Top Ten for Travelers

Ebook readers are an exploding market these days, and many people have already jumped on the bandwagon and purchased one to download and read literary favorites new and old. The price tag on many of them, however, means you have to make more than a cursory look before buying. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure you’re getting the reader with the right features and capabilities as well as the best price. While it’s impossible to ever […]

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Kindle Profits Exposed Review – Is Kindle Profits Exposed a Scam?

Do you wish to learn how to make money from Amazon Kindle using the Kindle Profits Exposed guide? I never realized how easy it is to start selling and profiting from Kindle until I starting using Kindle Profits Exposed. There is no need for you to be the author of any eBook that you sell as long as it is available in a public domain. Any person from the United States is able to profit from Kindle […]

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Is the Kindle 2 Ebook Reader in a League of Its Own Or What?

The largest online bookstore spearheading the resurgence of ebooks with its own kingpin eBook reader, isn't that the perfect union? That was the original Kindle which took the world of reading by storm and we generally agreed that that was the peak of perfection. But no, not quite, we now have the Kindle plus-plus. Yes, the Kindle 2 has arrived, looking better and bringing more. Like many other things, new-wave reading is electronic. If the e book […]

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