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Ebook Readers – The Top Ten for Travelers

Ebook readers are an exploding market these days, and many people have already jumped on the bandwagon and purchased one to download and read literary favorites new and old. The price tag on many of them, however, means you have to make more than a cursory look before buying. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure you’re getting the reader with the right features and capabilities as well as the best price. While it’s impossible to ever […]

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Bound Books or eBooks – Price or Sensation?

The expansion of sales and demand for eBooks, readable on e-readers such as the Kindle and others, has given rise to questions of cost. Why are eBooks so expensive in comparison with the cost of paper books, given the fact that no raw materials are involved (i.e. paper, ink and bindings)? That will be answered shortly, but first, there is more to just cost when comparing the permanence of a genuine book with the transient pleasure of […]

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Download Apple Iphone Ebooks

The Apple Iphone has done what most companies can only dream of. They have revolutionized the use of the cell phone. The summer launch of 2007 has made a major impact in the way people now view the cell phone market with the internet. The cell phone manufacturers have made many strides in trying to incorporate the cell phone with the internet. Text messaging and viewing .mobi websites are now available thanks to these development. That was […]

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