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Convert a Word Document to Amazon’s AZW EBook Format Using DTP

Writing your novel for the Kindle is a lot easier than it may appear. While there is a variety of formats for which you can upload, the best format for most is Word. Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly Digital Text Platform) Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the easiest way to publish your e-book on Amazon. For those still unfamiliar with e-readers, Amazon’s wireless reading device, the Kindle, allows you to download thousands of titles. Similarly, these same […]

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AZW Conversion Services for the Amazon Kindle EBook Reader

Reading eBooks from many different formats on an Amazon Kindle is possible by using convenient AZW conversion services. Kindle eBooks sold on Amazon are in the AZW file format. This is the file format used by Kindle readers. eBooks created in other file formats can be converted to this format so they can be sold on Amazon and readable on Kindle devices. This enables Kindle users to have more types of reading materials – such as books, […]

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