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Tips For Writing an eBook – What Program Should I Use?

When you’re just starting out writing eBooks, you are going to ask the occasional question that really doesn’t have an answer. Often this is because your question isn’t specific enough. Or it may be because different phases have different answers. Or it may just be because it doesn’t matter. And yet, every new writer of eBooks asks the same questions. A good example of this type of questions is, “What program should I use?” First off, there […]

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The Tips for eBook Success

eBooks are one of the latest trends today. The research world has considered eBooks as a source of valid information. eBooks have become very beneficial to readers, students and even adults in the profession of research and information. With this, so many aspiring writers want to become an eBook author. Anyone can try their luck in this field but success is not an assurance. What does it take to have a successful eBook? The Top Ten Tips […]

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7 Amazing Tips To Make Money Online With eBooks

If writing is your thing then this article is for you. It explains 7 top tips for making money online with eBooks. So, let’s get started. 1. Get an idea – do some research, find out what is selling and exploit it. For example, if exercising is your thing, research weight loss and how your favorite exercise gets you results, explain it in an eBook and then sell it. Or, if tennis is your hobby, look at […]

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