Various Ways to Purchase EBooks

Well, you finally got an eBook reader, tablet, smartphone or other device and you need to find out how to purchase eBooks for it, so you can have them with you even on the go. There are lots of options for eBooks such as renting, borrowing, and purchasing. You can even get some eBooks for free.

There are some websites that allow you to download eBooks that are free or someone notifies you when an eBook you are looking for becomes free. Other sites offer eBooks at a price that is discounted. If you aren’t able to find the eBook you want on one of the free sites, there are also several sites where you can purchase the ones that are current, best-selling, or through a monthly service. There are also special sites for borrowing or lending Nook and Kindle books with other readers through the United States.

Amazon Kindle Store

The Kindle Store at Amazon has well over 1 million eBooks, which even include New York Times new releases and bestsellers. With most of their eBooks, you are able to read the 1st chapter before deciding to purchase from them. Also, there are many eBooks that are free on Amazon; many of them being popular classics as well.

You can buy Kindle eReaders on Amazon, but you do not have to have a real Kindle to read any Kindle books. Free Kindle apps are obtainable for different types of tablets, smartphones as well as computers. Once you purchase eBooks for Kindle, you are able to read them on every device that the Kindle app has been installed on. With the Whispersync technology by Amazon, you are able to save and synchronize the furthest page read, notes, and bookmarks in the Kindle books across all devices. You can begin reading your book on one device and start where you left off on another device.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble The Nook Book Store offers something comparable to the Amazon Kindle Store. You are able to purchase electronic books for devices that are Nook and they have free Nook apps for computers and mobiles, such as android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC. You also can sync books currently being read across different devices, just like Kindle books.

Google Play Book Store

The Google Play Book Store has millions of books from every category for reading on Android, tablets or smartphones, iPhone, and iPads. You can also choose to download and purchase ebooks as PDF or ePub files for use on other eReaders or for reading on your computer from them.

When you purchase eBooks from Google Play, they stay in the “digital cloud”, which allows you to use them from any device that is compatible, wherever and whenever you want. You may start reading a book on one device, continue reading on another device, and finish it on a third device, as long as each device has a connection to the internet.

Other New Sites is dedicated to offering the most complete collection of non-fiction and fiction eBooks in most popular formats on the internet. They offer high quality and award-winning eBooks by top authors in all the major categories and are working on making the most technically superior eBook website, including a sophisticated sorting and search option. has a large assortment of eBooks in every category in multiple formats for Apple or Android devices, Kobo, Nook, Mac, PC, etc., so that there is always something for everyone. The software that is needed to read books from is also free.

So, this should get you started on reading eBooks, with plenty of options in deciding where to purchase them and how to read them as well.

Source by Emily J Jayden

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